Thinking about replacing that old carpet/sofa/chair? Depending on the quality and how you’ve taken care of it, your carpet and furniture can last a long time. You may think it’s time to throw out that old furniture, but those items might have more life left in them than you realize. Expert carpet and upholstery cleaning can save your furniture! You might be surprised what an expert deep clean can do to your household items.

How often should you replace your sofa?

Grey Sofa Upholstery Restoration

The average lifespan of a sofa or chair is 10-15 years, some families may not think they cannot make it that far with their daily living. According to Statista, the average family size in the US is three people; with a vast majority of those families owning cats, dogs, and other pets. You can imagine the type of wear and tear your household items can suffer after years of use.

As with most things, the key to keeping something for a long time is regular maintenance. Take a car for example. A car’s lifespan heavily depends on the maintenance and usage of the vehicle. If you never get your tires or oil changed, it’s going to be a problem. Your couch, chair, or sofa is the same way. Children, pets, and just normal use wear on upholstery. And proper maintenance of your upholstery ensures your couches will look good for years to come. Get your sofas professionally cleaned and properly maintained to ensure they last.

Expert Carpet Cleaning Orlando, FL

America Home Services: Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpets, along with every item in your household, attract dust, bacteria, and other harmful organisms to its surface. With the help of professional cleaning technicians, all of those worries can be washed away, literally and metaphorically. Whether you’re expecting visitors or moving, there

Luckily, anyone in Central Florida has a team that can do just that, right at their fingertips. The upholstery and carpet cleaning experts at America Home Services are more than happy to help any customer in the area by giving detailed and incomparable service. We at AHS understand the strain that buying new furniture can have on your wallet, but with a little bit of TLC from our staff, you won’t have to worry! Your dull resting place will quickly be transformed into the eye-catching, magnificent furniture that it once was.  The staff will get your upholstery and carpets clean and fresh; bringing back their vibrant color and beauty. Whether you have Persian, Chinese, or Turkish custom rugs that need cleaning, or even just the ole family sofa, we have the expert care for you.