Natural Stone Tile and Grout Cleaning


Getting down on your hands and knees to hand scrub with harsh cleaners can be ineffective; not to mention, time consuming and extremely labor intensive. America Home Services can restore the natural beauty of your stone, tile and grout using safe cleaning products and our steam cleaning extraction process.

When it comes to cleaning, the number one challenge is always the grout lines. Microscopic pores allow dirt, moisture, and other contaminates to become trapped in the grout. Sadly, routine mopping is ineffective at completely sanitizing the grout lines. Dirt continues to build up in the pores and texture of the stone and tile; leaving the tile/grout looking sullied and discolored. The tarnished grout build-up is also an exceptional breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew.


Our Cleaning System


Our certified technicians here at AHS first start by inspecting the floor to identify if what we are working with is natural stone or ceramic tile material. Properly identifying if it is natural stone is an extremely important step, mainly because many cleaning products contain acids that can damage this type of stone. Next, we apply a safe, specialized pretreatment that will start to breakdown the ground-in dirt, food, and oils from the pores of the stone/tile/grout.

From there we then proceed with our powerful truck mounted steam cleaning process. This uses a steady supply of clean, hot water under high pressure; which then removes the dirt and grime under a strong vacuum pressure. This system dissolves and extracts the dirt out of the stone, tile, and grout.

Dual action spinning powered jets contained under a negative pressure hood system is the cleaning method used by us here at AHS. This process allows us to remove years of build up from your tile/grout, ultimately restoring the beauty of your floors.

If you want to take an extra step towards restoring and maintaining magnificent floors, we can also apply a protective sealer. This helps protect and extend the life of your stone/tile/grout. For natural stone, we can also apply a high gloss sealer that enhances and improves the clarity of the stone. The high gloss sealer finish that protects against ultra violet rays from fading and staining the floors. Call us today at America Home Services and allow us to restore life in your once exquisite floors.