When cleaning your home you have to take a couple things into consideration. First you have set aside the time in your schedule to clean. Second is purchasing your cleaning solutions, this can get very expensive. Third is you must now get to the nitty- gritty

The first and third things you have to consider as mentioned above are a must. Now for the second ( purchasing cleaning solutions ) we can give you a few helpful tips. The benefits of making your own cleaning solutions are that they are safe, you will save money, and time. You may already have some of these ingredients in your home.

Here is a couple of our favorite all natural cleaning solutions.

Supply List

  • Olive oil
  • White vinegar
  • Favorite essential oil scents ( Orange and Lemon work well )
  • Castile soap ( Peppermint works well )
  • Water
  • 16 FL OZ spray bottle

Multi-Purpose Cleaner 

2 Cups of water

4 Table spoons of castile soap ( We recommend Peppermint, it is a natural pesticide to keep those bugs away )

20 drops of favorite essential oils sent ( Orange works really well )

Window Cleaner

10 Drops of favorite essential oils

50% Vinegar

50% Water

Floor Cleaner

2 Gallons of hot water

2 Table spoons of castile soap

6 Drops of essential oil

Wood Polish

In a small bottle or container

¼ Cup olive oil

¼ Cup of vinegar

15 Drops of your favorite essential oil sent. ( we recommend Orange, Lemon, or Lavender )